55 countries submit pledges to cut emission to UNFCCC
The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has received submissions of national pledges to cut and limit greenhouse gases by 2020 from 55 countries, said a report released by UNFCCC on Monday.
Ban confers with world leaders on climate change
UN Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has been speaking to numerous world leaders on the heels of the historic United Nations conference in Copenhagen which recently wrapped up with nations reaching a political agreement on climate change, UN officials said here on Thursday.
Wen Jiabao in Copenhagen
Endeavors to build global hope: Chinese premier's 60 hours in Copenhagen
Chinese premier's attendance at Copenhagen summit sends hope, confidence to world
Full text of Chinese premier's address at Copengagen Climate Change Summit
Premier expresses China's sincerity at UN climate conference
Chinese premier stresses cooperation against climate change
Chinese premier returns to Beijing after Copenhagen climate summit
Wen: China faces special difficulty in emissions reduction
Premier: China's mitigation action unconditional
China's Policy
Foreign Ministry Spokesman answers questions about UN Climate Change Conference
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao attends Copengagen Climate Change Summit
China wants population reflected in outcome of climate talks
China's population policy helps slow global warming
China announces targets on carbon dioxide emission cuts
China's climate change pledge "serious and solemn": Premier
Wen: China gives top priority to climate change issue
UN chief: Copenhagen Accord is a good start
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World's largest agriculture fair opens in Berlin, highlighting climate change

Movie "Green Water" promotes theme of environmental protection

Choosing green trip mode

Zoo animals return to wild
China's Efforts
World's Efforts
Chinese premier, UN chief discuss climate change
China's first environmental industry fund established
Premier Wen defends China's development rights
Developing nations' diplomats hail China's efforts in Copenhagen talks
Premier: China's role in Copenhagen talks "important and constructive"
55 countries submit pledges to cut emission to UNFCCC
S. Korea authorizes "low carbon, green growth" law
Global communications industry to turn green, sustainable within five years, says Bell Labs
Myanmar bans use of CFC gas to prevent ozone layer depletion
Norway, China well positioned for further cooperation in tackling climate change: Norwegian minister
Environmental Protection
Green Energy
Worst sea ice in four decades killing fish stocks off east China
Anti-whaling ship holed in Antarctic clash
Scientists target U.S. East Coast rocks for CO2 storage
Brazil adopts measures to treat polluted soil
Pacific islanders fear rising sea levels
S Korea to invest $85.6 mln in "green homes" construction
Carbon tax unwelcome among French public: poll
S Korea develops battery chargers for electric vehicles
China's green energy goes to waste in distribution bottleneck
China undertaking low-carbon development: official
Climate Conditions
New Zealand experiences temperature extremes in 2009
Last decade warmest on record for New Zealand
El Nino-related drought to drag on in Nicaragua: experts
Australia experiences hottest decade on record
Deforestation in Amazon rainforest up 21% in November
"Walking the low-carbon talk" still difficult for many Chinese
Obstruction of developed nations
India says Copenhagen climate summit disappointing
Denmark, not China should be blamed for failure of Copenhagen conference: Guardian website article
Blaming China of foiling agreement on climate incorrect
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao attends Copengagen Climate Change Summit
Developing and developed countries' standspoints on climate change
Backgrounder: Copenhagen summit aims to renew joint actions in fighting climate change
Backgrounder: Three major stances in Copenhagen climate change negotiations
Copenhagen - Host city of UN Climate Change Conference
Backgrounder: Common but Differentiated Responsibilities for UNFCCC
Backgrounder: Copenhagen -- A Bike City
Backgrounder: UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
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