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World's largest agriculture fair opens in Berlin, highlighting climate change

Movie "Green Water" promotes theme of environmental protection

Choosing green trip mode

Zoo animals return to wild

New independently-developed minivan displayed

Black-headed gulls spend winter in Haihe River

Silent village scenery in snowy forest

Negotiators at UN Climate Change Conference

Birds fly over Yellow River Delta National Nature Reserve

Visitors look at projection of Space and Earth in centre of Copenhagen

Premier Wen meets world leaders in Copenhagen

Colorful globes in Copenhagen

Mexican president accepts Globe Int'l Award

A drop of tear from melting glacier

Earth Hour Copenhagen held to raise awareness of climate change

Protestors: change politics, not climate

Appreciate beauty of glacier -- for as long as you can

Environmentalists demonstrate at venue of Climate Change Conference

Maldives: please save me from sinking!

Time For Climate Justice campaign held in Copenhagen

Palestinian women's smart idea for recycle daily waste

Finnish people protest against developed countries' emisson cut plan

Mass rally calls for "real deal" in climate change talks

Vigil held to push for agreement on climate change

See threat of climate change with your own eyes!

Environmentalists urge for beneficial agreements on climate change

"Cut emissions", "stop warming"

Global warming threatens charming oceanic resort

Action on climate change!

Environmental protection carol in Copenhagen

"Walk Against Warming" march in Sydney

Enjoy low-carbon lifestyle

Environmental activists prepare for demonstration

Childhood on huge laystall

Change life for overcoming climate change

1st China-developed wind power station under construction

How to survive in melting world?

Soros proposes $100 billion for developing nations' climate efforts

Solar energy popularized in Qinghai

Hygiene projects implemented to improve rural environment in E China

Huge balloon warns climate change in Copenhagen

Rich countries, pay your climate debt!

Greek children attend campaign of "Together for Change"

Chinese youths promote environmental protection in Copenhagen

Lighten Christmas tree by bike!

Melting polar bear sculpture raises climate awareness

Environmental-friendly features highlight Copenhagen summit

UN climate conference faces four obstacles: Chinese official

No place to live: Melting world threatening polar bears

Actions on climate change urged

Is this our future?

Act now save lives!

World is melting: Climate Change Conference opens

Environment-protection promotions in Copenhagen

Copenhagen heats up for talks

Photo exhibition on climate change held in Copenhagen

Copenhagen ready for Climate Change Conference

Elegent swans spend winter at Qinghai Lake

"Climate Express" arrives in Copenhagen

Mass climate rally in London

Children's Climate Forum concludes with declaration

Paul McCartney addresses at EU "Meat Free" event

Movie star Li Bingbing promotes Copenhagen conference

Copenhagen: bicycle-friendly city

Jiuquan wind base to break record of 2 mln kilowatts of wind power capacity

Copenhagen: Beautiful place to hold UN climate summit

Chinese vice premier meets French climate change envoy

Attention! World is melting!

Climate warming affects China's river source