Top 10 world news events in 2009
The Xinhua News Agency has selected the top 10 events around the world in 2009. The event of "International naval forces jointly battle Somali pirates" tops the list.
Xinhua's top ten news events of 2009
Xinhua top ten domestic news events of 2009, in chronological order, are "Premier Wen's on-line chat with netizens", "launch of a new medical reform plan" and so on.
2009: a year of co-op and conflicts for China-U.S. trade relations
China on world stage in year 2009
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Top 10 domestic news of 2009
China's 2009 yearbook published
2009 a fruitful year in Sino-Mexican ties: Chinese ambassador
Adversarial training enriches PLA's combat experience
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Top 10 crackdowns 2009 in China
Hu Jintao
China-Africa Forum
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Urumqi Riot
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2009 leaves gloomy picture but Pakistanis optimistic for New Year
Canadians look forward to 2010 with caution, optimism
Muslim world cautious toward U.S. olive branch
For Americans, 2009 marks year of changing habits
UN plays active role addressing global crises
Iran Nuclear Crisis
U.S. gov't provides $3.8 bln of new capital to GMAC
Not a bad year for Czech banks, stock market
Bangladesh economy shows its mettle in 2009 amid global recession
Bangladesh's capital market sees 2009 as year of landmark achievements
Opel sells 31% more cars in Germany in 2009
Eastern European economy stumbles forward in 2009
Financial Crisis
Sino-U.S. Economic Dialogue
G20 London Summit
Boao Forum
Stimulus Package
Russian manned spaceship docks with space station
Blue moon to greet 2010
Russia launches manned spacecraft to ISS
French military satellite shot into space
Fossil of early hominid heads Science's top 10 scientific advances of 2009
Boeing 787 Dreamliner finishes maiden flight
Climate Change
Earth Hour
Solar Eclipse
Messi voted Best Player of Europe
Yearender: 2009 - a year South African cricket fans want to forget
Injury-plagued Jelimo let world down in 2009
Top 10 world athletes of 2009
Top 10 world sports news in 2009
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Liu Xiang
National Games
French Open 2009
Tiger Woods
"Avatar" continues to storm weekend box office
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62nd Cannes Festival
Michael Jackson
Golden Globes
Berlin Film Festival
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Barack Obama visits Asia
President Hu attends G20,3 UN summits
Global Financial Crisis
Celebrating 60th Anniversary of PRC
Global News Day For Children
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National Day Parade
First couple, first dance
Vancouver 2010 Games torch lit in Olympia
5th China Int'l Press Photo Contest
Remembering Michael Jackson
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Quake death toll in Haiti is of 50,000 plus
DPRK threatens to exclude ROK from talks
JPMorgan Chase Q4 profit beats estimate
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