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2009 Universal Children's Day photo exhibition opens in Hohhot

Photo exhibition of 2009 Universal Children's Day held in S China

Launch ceremony of State of World's Children Report

Photo exhibition held in N.Y. to mark Universal Children's Day

Special edition of report on "State of World's Children" issued

Boy of bouyei ethnic group's village life

Chinese Kungfu fascinates Palestinian children in Gaza

Albanian kids mark 20th anniversary of Convention on Rights of the Child

Universal Children's Day celebrated in Washington

Children in Gaza Strip celebrate Universal Children's Day

UN marks Universal Children's Day, 20th anniversary of Convention on Rights of Child

Children invited by U.S. first lady to harvest at White House

World media cover Global News Day For Children

Zither boy Roderick in NY

Young Kunfu star in Shaolin

Young tough-minded Voladores dancer in Mexico

Ugandan boy's farming life

Various animals in my camera lens

Hand in hand with full love

Saxophone boy's delighted life

I wanna be super model!

No pain, no gain

Optimistic boy in flames of war

Interesting performances at Huqiu temple fair

I love my lovely family

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador attends activity for Universal Children's Day

Streetside view in eyes of Cambodian girl

Fly high with my big dream!

Colorful world in eyes of handsome little photographer

Japanese girl has auroral dream

Pretty Mongolian girl and her friends

Giving more love to kindle children's new life

Happy life of little girl in Chicago

Sweet home of mine

UN chief sends message for well-being of children worldwide

Sesame Street still young at 40

Xinhua, UNICEF unveil logo, website for "Global News Day for Children"

Xinhua News Agency, UNICEF sign MOU in Beijing

Chinese premier urges tightened measures against A/H1N1 flu

Happy life in China's first Hope Primary School

Xinhua to launch media event to promote global attention to children

Promotion ceremony for logo, website of Global News Day for Children held in Beijing

Global Handwashing Day

Premier Wen tells children to learn to love

UN Int'l School parade marks UN Day in New York

Survivor of 2004 Indonesia tsunami

Egyptian girl's world

World in Liang Zhuoru's eyes

Afghan boy Sanlong enjoys life in China

Peking Opera girl

The world in her eyes

Aysha's doctor dream in Afghanistan

Brussels in Elise's eyes

Black boy Opoka's hard life

World in Wu Guannan's eyes

Sahar Karmo desires to go to school in Lebanon

Little French scout in big family

Georgia boy in silent village

Jordan's dream is to work for environmental sustainability

Cute Italian girl loves China!