Photo Gallery
Low-carbon scenic zones in Tibetan areas
Tibetan orchestra performs in Beijing
Tibet to participate in 9th Chinese Art Festival
Tibet's rescuers race against time
Lhasa citizens donate for quake-affected victims
Tibet sends medical personnel to quake-hit area in Qinghai
Fire fighters from Tibet to aid rescue work in quake area
Jokhang Temple still open to tourists despite repair
Tibet Pavilion after completion
Beautiful Qinghai Lake
Tibet ready to greet tourist boom
Jokhang Temple being renovated
Glaciers melting faster on Mt. Yulong
Tibet Pavilion at Shanghai Expo
Wildlife number in Mt. Qomolangma Nature Reserve grows
First microcredit institution inaugurated in Tibet
Ancient Buddhist monastery in W Tibet
Tibetan dance promotes World Expo
Peach blossom near snow mountain
Tibet aims to attract 6 mln tourists this year
Lhasa makes government affairs open
Library makes Tibetans' life easier
Tibetan Medicine Hospital being expanded to provide better medicare
Tibet's 1st private geology, mineral museum on trial operation
Zham: China-Nepal bridge of trade, friendship
Tibetan beer tapped for VIPs
Building Great Green Wall
Shanghai Expo souvenirs popular in Lhasa
Mani stones show Tibetan Buddhist followers' piety
Good services on Beijing-Lhasa trains
China's largest geothermal power station to increase production
"Earth forest" in Tibet's Ngari
Tibet's tourist season comes earlier
Tibet's oxygen bar
Tibet's Zhaibung Monastery donates for drought-stricken areas
Peach blossoms smile in spring
Spring snow decorates peach blossoms in Lhasa
Education assistance benefits Tibetan children
Snowfall in Tibet's capital of Lhasa
Intangible cultural heritage show marks Serfs Emancipation Day