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Different phases of solar eclipse observed in E China
Century's longest annular solar eclipse
Annular solar eclipse observed in China
Chrysler CEO addresses Automotive News World Congress in Detroit
Nepal's biggest Info-tech exhibition opens
Solar-powered car "Sikat" debuts in Manila
Tombs of pyramid builders discovered
World's largest consumer electronics show concludes in Las Vegas
Google experiments with news reading tool Fast Flip
3D TVs to boost TV market in 2010
Startling strawberry crab discovered off Taiwan
Astronautical exhibition continues to welcome visitors in E China
2010 Int'l Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas
World's largest consumer electronics show opens in Las Vegas
"Endeavour" arrives at launch pad
Int'l Consumer Electronics Show to kick off in Las Vegas
Polar Bear TV displayed on media preview for CES
Classic cars on display in Argentina
Exhibition featuring Shenzhou VII opens in E China province
Google unveils smart phone
The devil's in the apps
Small car, big star
"Blue moon" seen in Los Angeles
Mexicans raise arms to welcome first rays of sunshine in 2010
Study decodes deadly Tasmanian devil cancer
Partial lunar eclipse seen around world
Blue moon rises to greet new year
Press conference held on excavation of purported tomb of Cao Cao
China's Antarctic expedition team finds first meteorite
Transparent goldfish produced in Japan
Dinosaur exhibition held in Argentina
Cell phone users to break through 500 mln in India
Tianjin Neural Engineering Research Centre established
Soyuz spacecraft launches with 3 international crew
Fossils of Triassic marine reptiles on display in E China
Russia launches manned spacecraft to ISS
Chinese expedition teams sent to inland Antarctica
People evacuated as Mayon Volcano oozes lava
Mayon Volcano in Philippines on edge of eruption
New Soyuz mission to ISS is scheduled for next Monday
French military satellite shot into space
World's largest atom smasher put into "technical stop"
Russia's first high speed train Sapsan
WIND Mobile launches service in Toronto
Dubai Motor Show 2009
Boeing's 787 jetliner makes first test flight
New look of Shanghai Expo site
Design sketch of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge
NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer launched
Virgin Atlantic unveils 1st commercial spaceship
International Petroleum Technology Conference opens
2009 Nobel laureates attend press conference in Stockholm
Twitter users can now tweet in Klingon
Science Popularity Tour Show on hair secret
Teenagers' Technology Models Contest held in E China
Russia announces new space crew
Jiuquan wind base to break record of 2 mln kilowatts of wind power capacity
Russia launches U.S. communications satellite
Aliens are already on the earth, Bulgarian scientists claim
ISS, Earth photographed from shuttle Atlantis
Concept vehicle displayed in China Int'l Auto Exhibition
Int'l Robot Exhibition 2009 opens in Tokyo
Sunrise photo shot from ISS
Icebergs head to NZ from Antarctica
Atlantis astronauts complete third spacewalk of mission
Zest of QQ International
Arcanum in permanent darkness of ocean
Atlantis astronauts complete second spacewalk of mission
Atlantis astronauts complete first space walk
Internet Governance Forum kicks off in Egypt
Space shuttle Atlantis ready for Monday launch
Apple announces to open more retail stores to cater consumers
NY's attorney general files antitrust lawsuit against Intel
Agricultural Hi-tech Fair opens in NW China
China's Wetland Museum opens to public
2009 Hangzhou Int'l Recycling Economy, Environmental Industry Expo
iPhone sets up Apple cart for crazy fans
International Security Conference east 2009 held in NY
Motorola launches new Droid phone
"Wink Glasses" help you blink