Chinese president meets Japanese PM on bilateral ties
Chinese President Hu Jintao and Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda met Wednesday in the northern Japanese resort of Toyako and exchanged views on boosting the strategic and mutually beneficial relations between the two countries.
FM: Chinese president's fruitful Japanese tour "a major diplomatic move"
China's foreign minister on Wednesday hailed President Hu Jintao's Japanese tour for the G8's outreach session, calling it a major diplomatic move which produces important achievements in many aspects.
Chinese president leaves for home after G8 outreach session
Chinese President Hu Jintao left for home Wednesday after attending the outreach session of the Group of Eight (G8) summit in the northern Japanese resort of Toyako on Hokkaido island.
Hu calls to combat climate change
President Hu Jintao put forward a three-point proposal Wednesday for the world's major economies on the fight against climate change.
Hu elaborates on China's stance on climate change
Four-point proposal on boosting world economy
Chinese president arrives in Seoul for state visit
Backgrounder: Washington G20 Summit
Backgrounder: Dialogue meeting between leaders of G8 and developing nations
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Chinese, U.S. presidents meet to discuss bilateral ties
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Japanese PM greets G8 leaders
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G8 Summit
Economy / Development
News analysis: More words than action at G8 summit
Russian President considering response to U.S. missile defense deal
Chinese president thanks world support for China's quake-relief efforts
Chinese president attends meeting on energy security, climate change
Chinese president attends G8 outreach session
G8 leaders meet counterparts from developing nations
Chinese president: Millennium Development Goals should be achieved in comprehensive, balanced way
Chinese president raises 4-point proposal on boosting world economy
Major economies leaders meeting starts in Hokkaido
G8 leaders reaffirm aid promise to Africa
China, India, Brazil, S Africa, Mexico stress importance of MDGs
Five major developing nations call for joint efforts to ensure food, energy security
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"Bric" leaders vow to boost coordination, role in int'l affairs
Chinese President, Japanese PM vow to boost strategic, mutually beneficial relations
Chinese president says to push ties with Canada forward
Chinese president meets with France's Sarkozy in Japan
Chinese president meets Bush on bilateral ties, six-party talks, Taiwan
Energy / Climate Change
Grain Security
PM: Japan sticks to 50 percent carbon reduction from current level
Chinese president calls on major economies to combat climate change
President Hu elaborates on China's stance on climate change
Major developing nations urge cooperative action in addressing climate change
G8 leaders agrees to halve greenhouse gas emission by 2050
G8 leaders express "strong concerns" about rising oil and food prices
Chinese president: Food issue concerns world's development, security
Chinese president appeals for increased coordination, comprehensive measures on world food security
UN chief to focus on global food crisis at upcoming G8 summit
News Analysis: Food crisis poses critical test for sub-Saharan Africa
China, Russia intensify efforts to build grain base in border area
UN chief urges global partnership to tackle food crisis
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FM: Chinese president's fruitful Japanese tour "a major diplomatic move"
Economists: Equal emissions cuts "unreasonable"
Scholar sees China's participation promote prestige of G8 summit
News Analysis: G8 cannot afford to go it alone in solving global problems
Australian PM says climate breakthrough unlikely in Japan