Premier Wen Jiabao meets world leaders at SH World Expo closing ceremony
Shanghai World Expo comes to a close
Wen: Expo 2010 a splendid event
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China holds closing ceremony for Shanghai World Expo
Premier Wen: Expo spirit forever (full text)
Expo participants issue Shanghai Declaration
Full text of Shanghai Declaration of World Expo 2010
Shanghai Expo wins applause
Ban: Shanghai Expo "remarkable, historic"
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China Pavilion attracts 6 million visitors after World Expo
Global adventure to decipher happiness
Chinese leaders honor contributors to Shanghai Expo's success
Participation in Shanghai Expo boosts Brazil's image
Shanghai Expo experience should be used to push China forward, says president
Shanghai Expo's China Pavilion to reopen
DPRK newspaper lauds Shanghai Expo

Asia - China Pavilion

Pavilion of Public Participation

Pavilion of Shanghai Cooperation Organization

United Nations Pavilion
UBPA Display

Asia - Chengdu

Europe - Odense

Innovative "Light Show":UBPA Proposal of Rhône-Alpes

Asia - Ningbo
News Photos

7th CCG Expo kicks off in China pavilion of Shanghai World Expo

Xinhua launches World Expo photo exhibition in Africa

Removing work of Expo pavilions under way

Expo souvenir coins put on sale nationwide
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China Pavilion to reopen to visitors
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