A career bridge in a recessed world
Imperial Granary Museum of Ming Dynasty opens to public visitors
Third Confucius Institute opens in Philippines
Enchanting Scenery of South Putuo Temple
Nanluoguxiang ranked as an Asian hotspot in Time Magazine
Hungarian city becomes European culture capital
Chinese Kungfu kicks Muscovites' new year into motion
Oil paintings, sculptures exhibited in E China's Suzhou City
Russia celebrates centennial of ballerina Ulanova's birth
Int'l ice sculpture contest concludes in Moscow
Sifting fact from fiction in Cao Cao's mausoleum
Special stamp, seal launched to mark year of tiger
Art show held in Nanjing during New Year's holidays
Sowing green hope at new year
6th Chinese Character Culture Festival opens in Taipei
Degas painting stolen from French museum
Pin your New Year's wish on the wall!
"Victory Fir" lighting ceremony held in Moscow
Urumqi mounts ethnic concert
One school, one teacher, 24 students
"Online shopping, re-gifting" - catchwords for Boxing Day in Canada
Christmas mass held at birthplace of Jesus
U.S. First Family travel to Hawaii for Christmas
China's 5 sites listed World Heritage
Christmas season in Gaza city
Martial arts and mysticism: the allure of Zhengzhou
The 5 million yuan student
Joyful reed fluting echoes in Miao village
Egypt lifts gate of Isis from underwater
Eye-catching lighting festival in Beijing
Feature: First complete Christmas like a fully decorated tree
Poetic snapshots combine words, photographic images
Getting set for "Happy Hanukkah"
Sweet Christmas with U.S. President Obama
Dunhuang dance show to be staged in Taipei
Senior official calls for enhancing int'l Chinese language education
European cities begin to decorate Christmas season
Irish grand tap dance stages in Shenzhen
Christmas decorations light up night sky in Spain
Artistic works in Copenhagen call for actions on climate change
"Jane Eyre" back to Beijing's stage
Cute clay sculptures greet Chinese Tiger New Year
Performers from Chinese mainland stage acrobatic play in Taipei County
Bhopal disaster remains night yet to see dawn after 25 years
Bordeaux's best with Chinese food
College applications in Beijing to sink again
Official alarms rapid cultural sites missing
Almost 1 mln people sit China's civil service exam
Founding of Chinese Dancers Association celebrated
Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Show kicks off in Taipei
Millions line streets of Manhattan for Thanksgiving Day Parade
Girl, 14, on fast track to Peking University
Chinese ballet celebrates 50th anniversary
Noted Chinese translator dies at 95
Maps of historical Beijing courtyards get carpet treatment
Brilliant performances at 21th Shanghai Mulanquan Competition
4th Lusheng and Horse Fight Festival held in Guangxi
No time to play
Former LTTE child soldiers return to school
Kunqu Opera staged at UNESCO headquarters in Paris
Poinsettias blossom for Christmas' coming
China Literal Museum opens in N China
Civilization along ancient road Xiaohe
Experts call for better media literacy education on Chinese youth
Sculpture made of umbrellas in central London
China Int'l Tourism Commodities Fair opens in Zhejiang
Splendid performances at Wuqiao International Circus Festival
Barcelona holds World Architecture Festival
Being neighbour with aliens?
ETS offers scholarship to Chinese test takers
Giant dominos form tribute to Berlin Wall's collapse
War in children's eyes
Canadian star TV anchor gets highest civilian honor
2009 "Colorful Guizhou" Tourist Commodities Design Contest held
Buddhism Expo held in China's Putian
All Souls' Day marked worldwide
Replaying a classical record
Thailand's traditional "Loi Krathong Festival" opens in Bangkok
Autumn scenery in DPRK's capital
China Art Craft of Design Quintessence Exposition kicks off in Hangzhou