Photo Gallery  
BFA Annual Conference 2008 closes
Two decades give two looks to Hainan
Session retrospecting China's 30-year reform, opening-up held in Boao
BFA holds luncheon session on sub-prime crisis
BFA holds plenary session on climate change
BFA holds internet conference
President Hu meets Chilean president
President Hu urges China, Australia to seize new opportunities for ties
Chinese President meets Swedish PM
President Hu attends BFA opening ceremony
Leaders deliver speeches at BFA opening ceremony
BFA finance conference opens
President Hu meets Tanzanian President
Australian PM arrives for BFA
Youth leader round table of BFA
Opening ceremony of BFA Golf Invitational 2008
BFA Board of Directors Meeting held in Boao
Pakistani President arrives at Sanya for Boao Forum
President Hu meets with visiting Tongan King in Sanya
Boao- "forum town"
Environment-friendly bags used at Boao Forum
Xinhua News Center for Boao Forum put into operation
Sri Lankan president arrives for BFA
Hainan prepares for BFA annual meeting
A glimpse of Hainan scenery
BFA annual meeting 2007 opens
Bill Gates: Microsoft to build R&D parks in Beijing, Shanghai
Boao Forum for Asia annual meeting 2006 opens