Xinhua think tank report highlights China's contribution to global human rights governance-Xinhua

Xinhua think tank report highlights China's contribution to global human rights governance

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2023-09-19 22:05:00

BEIJING, Sept. 19 (Xinhua) -- China Society for Human Rights Studies and Xinhua Institute, Xinhua News Agency's namesake think tank, released a report on China's practice of and contribution to global human rights governance on Tuesday.

The report, titled "For the Common Value and Dignity of All Humanity -- China's Practice of and Contribution to Global Human Rights Governance," was released globally through relevant websites, periodicals, and social media.

It comprises four parts, namely, "China's Practice of Participating In Global Human Rights Governance," "China's Contribution to Promoting the Development of World Human Rights," "Chinese Wisdom that Enriches the Form of Human Rights Civilization," and "China's Plan to Improve Global Human Rights Governance."

The report comprehensively and systematically reviewed and presented China's practice of and contribution to global human rights governance since the founding of the People's Republic of China, notably since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

China has been playing a responsible role in human rights affairs at the United Nations, engaging actively in global human rights governance, striving to promote the healthy development of the international human rights cause, thus becoming an in-depth participant in international mechanisms, a co-constructor of governance rules, an active advocate of exchanges and cooperation, and an essential promoter of governance change, said the report.

In the development process of the world human rights cause, China is not an outsider, but a constant practitioner, it said.

With concrete actions, it said, China has laid a solid foundation for advancing global human rights protection, protected a safe environment for global human rights protection, safeguarded fairness and justice in global human rights governance, and promoted exchanges and mutual learning between different human rights civilizations, thereby contributing significantly to promoting the development of world human rights cause.

In light of the great historic achievements of China's human rights practice, the report characterized China's human rights development path as having four distinctive features, namely, the people-centered nature of human rights endeavors, autonomy in human rights practice, comprehensiveness in human rights promotion, and sustainability in human rights development.

It said that while making a consistent endeavor to push forward its own human rights cause, China also takes concrete actions to push for greater fairness, justice, reason and inclusivity in global governance on human rights.

Guided by such concepts as solidarity and cooperation, development promotion, multilateral governance, inclusiveness and mutual learning, China has continuously contributed Chinese wisdom and plan to improving global human rights governance, the report added.