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Students of quake area return to rebuilt school building
Over 613,000 quake-hit students benefit from gov't financial aid
China remembers quake victims one year on
5.12 commemoration: Warm hearts from freezing polar
5.12 quake: Memories can never wane
Father's love without end
People present condolence on victims of 5.12 quake
Life back to normal in Beichuan after last May's earthquake
Beichuan County opens to public after earthquake
Earthquake survivor visits her rescuers in E China
Chinese Premier Wen cooks twice-cooked pork slices with quake-hit residents
Disabled children visit airport in Sichuan
People mourn quake victims before Lunar New Year
Quake-affected student returns home for family reunion
Spring Festival celebrated in quake zone
Earthquake victims celebrate moving into new houses
Children from quake-hit Sichuan invited to volunteer charity families
Earthquake victims in Dujiangyan move to new houses
Festive atomosphere in quake-hit area
Quake-residents, rescuers intercommunicates with Hong Kong students
Children survivors from quake-hit Sichuan Province visit Philippine
Traditional performances cheer up Sichuan earthquake survivors
Children from Sichuan quake-hit areas visit Philippine
Kids in Beijing donate clothes to quake-hit areas
People in Beichuan engage in reconstructing hometown
Qiang ethnic village reconstructed after May 12 earthquake
40 Friendship homes to open for kids in quake-hit Sichuan
China opens first memorial park on May 12 quake ruins
President Hu raises "quake relief spirit" banner for nation
China honors outstanding individuals, organizations in quake relief
Yao Ming stays with Sichuan students for Mid-autumn Festival
Quake-hit kids learn handicrafts in Russian rehab center
Russia Day at children's care center in Vladivostok
IOC donates $4 mln to China's quake-hit regions
First college admission notice delivered in quake province
"Salute Boy" in 5.12 Quake leaves hospital
Quake-hit Chinese children learn Russian in Vladivostok
Yingxiu locals say bye to quake relief paratroopers
First batch of PLA soldiers withdraw from quake-hit area
Nature brings them Quake once, now happiness
Quake-affected kids in Russia for rehabilitation
Parachute soldiers mourn quake victims
Quake orphans regain smile, confidence
Chinese VP meets quake relief staff in HK
Soldiers disinfect quake-hit Beichuan county
Memorial held for policemen killed in quake relief mission
Quake photo exhibition in Nanjing
No. 213 and No. 317 national highways remain to be repaired after Wenchuan earthquake
Massive landslide strands 1,000 in Sichuan's Jiangyou
Hero's bone ash returned to hometown
"Road of death" reopens in quake-hit Anxian County
China holds memorial ceremony for crashed military helicopter crew
Tent shops set up in quake-hit areas
Chengdu recovers tourism after May quake
Airborne troops build up "life bridge"
"Ten firsts" follow massive quake
Evacuees return home after alert on quake lake removed
Students from quake-affected Qingchuan continue study in Ningxia
One month memorial of 5.12: Don't cry for me, China
Post-quake: reconstruction and recovery
Searching for black box of military helicopter in China quake zone
Children in quake-hit areas get busy learning
Love shared by humans, animals in quake areas
Water level of Fujiang River falls to normal
Medical team comes to quake-hit ethnic village
Rescuers at Tangjiashan quake lake
Quake lake water passes by Mianyang
Tangjiashan quake lake's influx, outflow balanced
Kids continue study in tent school after quake
Mianyang on orange alert for possible dam-break
Missing relief copter found near quake epicenter
Aerial view of drainage of Tangjiashan quake lake
Victims in Wenchuan start to regain normal life
Tent production in full swing for quake-hit area
Over half of schools reopen in quake-hit county in Gansu
Search continues for crashed chopper in quake zone
Quake-affected kids renew study in E China city
Quake-affected residents move to temporary houses
Demolition task carried out at Shibangou quake lake
Fresh start for elderly quake victims